Month: September 2011

I went down to the Pier last week, hoping for a wonderful sunset, but all I got was complete cloud cover. So, what does one do when the sunset’s a damp squib, and you want to bring something home? I wandered down towards the Marine Way Bridge, which comes with its own lighting, and did a few light trail shots. The post dusk light was better than the sunset, and so I managed to get a few shots that I’m happy with. I’d already cropped this pair to square format when I realised that they would look great together – hence the diptych!

Diptych at Dusk


And there isn’t one, if you know what I mean? The sun did actually go down, but I, for one didn’t actually see it go down, even though I was watching and waiting for it. The fact of a real, actual sunset event was evidenced by the progressing darkness, but not by any fantastic display of warm, sun enhanced light spreading through the clouds as invariably occurs when I’m sitting at home on the sofa watching out the patio doors.

Ah well, maybe next time, but until then, here’s a split tone shot from the beach as the sun set (honest).

Southport Pier


The tide was in, but the wind was blowing a gale. The pier was kept firmly locked, for fear of someone being blown off, I presume. The only place left to take photos was from the beach. The sand was blowing everywhere, the tide was right up to the sea defences, so there was barely room to plant a tripod. The wind was whipping up the usual white tops on the shallow sea. I set up the tripod and tried a few long exposure shots, whilst holding onto tripod and camera with both hands! I think this 20 second exposure gives just enough impression of movement in the sea to be effective.

Wind Blown