• Sideways under the weight

    Sideways under the weight

    One of the things I can do when I don’t get out is to photograph the various flora in the garden. There’s not a lot there, so anything worth capturing is done to death. I spotted this little flower yesterday, standing tall and straight and open. Today it was bedraggled and bent under the weight… Continue reading

  • Nendrum


    One of my favourite spots in Northern Ireland is Nendrum, on Mahee Island, overlooking the beautiful Strangford Lough. Continue reading

  • Iris versicolor

    Iris versicolor

    From the garden. I put in a couple of tiny ponds (puddles, some folks call them), and put some appropriate plants in them. This particular Iris stands rather tall in its puddle, but looks majestic among the surrounding greenery. Continue reading

  • Cherry Blossom

    Cherry Blossom

    The Cherry Blossom in the garden is beautiful this time of year. This is a tiny tree, but it certainly gives in the blossom department. Continue reading

  • Don’t Trifle with Christmas

    I blame Charles Dickens. Everywhere I look, in the TV adverts, the Christmas themed films, the secret Santas and the planned parties, there’s a huge determination along with Scrooge to ‘know how to keep Christmas well’. We’re convinced that if we can by sheer force of will enjoy the festive period, we will have captured… Continue reading