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New Web Site for Local Coast Images

It’s been on the back burner for quite some time, but I’ve finally put a web site up at Dune Prints with some of my favourite images of the local coast. I live in Southport, on the North West coast of England, and the coast can be rather flat and plain, but the sand dunes are great, and the images of the grass in the dunes with the sea in the distance look well at large sizes – perfect for a canvas print.

Dune Prints

Please take a look – all comments are welcome.


Slightly Surreal

This is a photograph of Mere Sands Wood. I have reduced noise using Neat Image and then on the 700 pixel reduced image for the web, I have applied the Photoshop Elements Noise reduction filter with maximum effect and minimum detail retained. The result looks slightly surreal, but I think I like it.


General Photography

Formby Sea View

I took this a while ago, I love the view past the grass to the sea. It’s not something we see in Southport very often, so Formby is the best place to get this sort of shot.


Also, Stuart has now gone live with his Staccatosignals weblog.


Another one from the archives

Last summer I was back home in N. Ireland and took a trip round the Mournes/Co. down coast. I took this pic from the rocks at Annalong.




I was sitting on a bench in Mere Sands Wood, just looking around when I looked up and saw this.