The vocal immoral majority

What right do the huge number of foul mouthed, unbelieving bloggers think they have to pontificate as to what sincere believers with a faith in God can or can’t be offended at? What right do they have to add insult to injury by their blasphemous comments? Make no mistake, these comments may seem amusing to those who maintain their right to watch whatever sort of filth they choose, but this is offensive in the extreme to ordinary Christians.

Unfortunately the sad story of the BBC’s intent to broadcast Jerry Springer’s ‘The Opera’ has brought out of the woodwork all those bloggers who have nothing good to say at all. Didn’t your mothers tell you ‘if you can’t say anything good, don’t say anything at all’? Blogging should be something that adds to this world’s knowledge and understanding, not a means of disseminating predjudice.

My only consolation is that one day Jesus has promised to return, and on that day everyone will use His name with reverence and worship Him as Lord.


My name is Peter Holloway and having lived in Southport, England for 20 years, followed by a couple of years back in Northern Ireland I'm now working as an IT Manager in West Sussex. I was born in Northern Ireland and raised in the suburbs of Belfast just off the Saintfield Road, attended Cairnshill Primary School and Annadale Grammar School. I studied for a London University BD at Belfast Bible College.