More on Web Publishing

I’ve been thinking more on the subject of weblogs, and the general phenomenon of web publishing. There is so much unthought outpouring of whatever hits the minds of the ‘publishers’ that it is hard to find anything original or edifying.

I would suggest that anything we write and publish online (as opposed to in personal paper based diaries) should be the product of either meditation or reading.

Meditation: By meditation I mean the specifically Christian notion of meditation that is: filling one’s mind with the thoughts of God and considering those thoughts. This should involve reading the Bible or bringing to mind what you have already read or memorised.

Reading: By reading I don’t mean the latest trendy magazine, but that which provokes thought; either online blogs, journals, publications that are so designed or paper based books, magazines etc. that have original content that is aimed at growing the reader.

If we fail to follow these guidelines we will fail to contribute anything of lasting worth. It’s great seeing your words in print; it’s greater to know that in some way they have captivated, enthused, encouraged another rather than just bored them…

More on Web Publishing