Month: February 2004

Sometimes you spend more time on infrastructure than front end. The Datawise Computing web sites are a case in point. Having identified a requirement for dedicated server hosting has led to all sorts of fun and games.

Now I have been introduced to the joys of DNS servers and look forward to the prospect of manually uploading all the web sites on the new server.

There are some positives. Along with the greater complication comes greater control: the ability to install and run our own SQL Server and install any extra components required for specific web sites. So far only has gone over. Once I am 100% sure of this I will move all the other sites over. We should see better performance as well as greater control.


Just couldn’t resist this photo. The family went to the Knowsley Safari Park a couple of days ago. This is Sandra asking an attendant for the way out!

This cheap immigrant labour is getting way out of hand…


I’d forgotten just how fast the Opera browser is. Having used Firebird as browser of choice recently I’ve been surprised at just how spritely Opera feels in comparison. Must have a good look at my favourite sites of the moment to see how they look. One big disadvantage of course is that there’s no Stumbleupon toolbar for Opera.


From the spiritual to the more prosaic: Sunday we met as a church in a building (as opposed to a house) for the first time yesterday. It really is an exciting step to take! It’s great to see people all working together to bring it about. Of course, it is a first, not a final step. There is much more to do, and much more that we expect, God willing.

The winds got the better of one of our fence panels over the weekend too. I thought I was well prepared, having a spare one to replace it. Unfortunately the newer one was slightly large than the older one. After much pushing, pulling and general forcing of the panel it eventually slid down into the too small gap – along with my little finger! :-0

So typing is now rather more timid than usual, particularly on the p, ;, ? etc.

On another note, I’ve given a makeover. It was reasonably clean in terms of using CSS rather than tables for layout, but I wanted to go for the classic two-column with a header style, which I have now done. I got the basic template from And used to help find some new colors.


“They will perish, but You remain.” Hebrews 1:11
Someone once said that there are two certainties: death and taxes. Well there are two certainties (at least): our mortality and Christ’s eternity.

This world will perish, we will perish, but Jesus Christ will remain! Either side of death Jesus is our one certainty, our one Rock, our one Hope!

So, how come we spend so much time worrying about the perishing? Not only does Jesus remain, but He remains the same. Nothing else remains the same; all things will fail eventually. But when we trust in Jesus now, we are trusting in the same Person we will meet with face to face when this world is rolled up like an old garment and disposed of. I like that hope!