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The sun was shining and the leaves were turning to gold, and deep in the bowels of Hesketh Park you could be standing in the middle of a watercolour painting with each leaf a brush stroke…

General Photography

Down the Tracks

In my never ending quest to get the best shot of Southport Pier I ended up once again peering through barred gates at the setting sun. With tripod astride the wrought iron restriction I snapped a few bracketed exposures for later post production as HDR. I do like high key shots, even when it’s going dark, so this is as light as I dared…


I haven’t posted a Southport shot here in a while, so here goes! This one’s a minimal image with just marram, beach, sea and sky. I think this sort of shot is one of my all time favourites. I never tire of taking these photos, they are simple and easy to look at, the sort of images I’d like to hang on my wall.



This is an old image, it’s been around since 2007, but it’s still got a look about it that I like. I took it with an Olympus E-400 stuck through the gates of the locked pier as the sun set. I put a graduated tobacco filter on the lens, and the image seems to have struck a chord with many people, because they all seem to think that it’s fine to just copy the image for their own commercial use!

I’m not a full time commercial photographer, but I do license images for commerical use and I did license this image some years ago to one organisation. That original license has long since expired, but the use of my image hasn’t. It’s incredibly hard to make money from landscape imagery; it’s even harder when images are taken and used without permission or payment.

I do understand that occasionally someone will see an image and like it enough to link to it, but to copy it, upload it to their own servers and then use those images for commercial purposes is wrong both morally and legally. I know this happens a lot, but that doesn’t make it right.

Anyway, the purpose of posting my image here is to reassert my copyright. This image of Southport Pier at sunset belongs to me, Peter Holloway, if you do like it please have the courtesy to contact me about useage, don’t just steal it…

If you like the images I take and wish to use them on your web site or in print, please do take a look at www.duneprints.com and a more extensive portfolio on Flickr.

Here’s another shot that belongs to me but has been used extensively without license…

General Photography

Over at my new ‘favourite place’ along the big bank that runs from the top of the coast road at Crossens down towards Marshside the puddle is back. This is just a few inches of water at the side of the fence, but just enough to reflect the sky beautifully.

The wind was blowing ripples into even this shallow draft, so I took a tripod and shot a long exposure to blur the movement. The soft evening light couples well with the hint of movement in the water.

Soft Light on the Water