Don’t Linger, Don’t Look Back

When Abraham and Lot parted company, Lot thought he had got the better deal. That thought was driven by his own desires for the good life. Lot eventually settled on the plain of Jordan, and as we know gravitated towards Sodom. The Bible tells us that Lot was righteous and greatly disturbed by the behaviour of the residents of Sodom (2 Peter 2:7), but not enough to leave.

When, at Abraham’s intercession, the angels went into the city to warn Lot of the coming judgement, he still wavered. It’s an indication of how far a righteous man can go, when in the wrong environment that when the city, to a man come with the intention of raping the angels Lot offers his virgin daughters as an alternative.

Deep down in many of us there is a gnawing hunger for the world. There is a desire to be a part of it, and to enjoy the benefits of living, as the world does, for ourselves and for our own pleasure. We have more in common with Lot than with Abraham. Now, Lot was righteous; Lot knew the danger or remaining; and yet Lot still lingered. He had to be physically dragged from the impending judgement. Is that you?

This world has nothing of value to us. More than that it is deeply harmful to our souls, it lures and entices and offers nothing in return, yet still we linger! Don’t linger, don’t look back! Turn away from the world and seek out the Lord God, who alone offers forgiveness, hope, peace, and a future.

Even as Lot’s family fled, his wife looked back once too often and she lost the ability to flee. God forgive us for looking back and longing for that which has no value when we can flee to the One who has all to give and have offered it freely, no charge, not because it is of no value, but because we cannot afford the price.

God is a gracious and loving and merciful and patient God, who offers forgiveness to all who will flee to him. But don’t linger, don’t look back, because the time that you look back may be the last opportunity that you have.

It was from Abraham that God’s family, his people was to come. Choose to live in the wilderness with God, rather than in the world – the wilderness with God is a much safer place to be.