On Walking the Path


Deuteronomy 28 begins with the instruction to be careful to do “all his commandments”. This is a constant theme right through the first 5 books of the Bible. The covenant relationship of Israel with their God is all encompassing – the whole life – this is why it is often described as a ‘walk’. What we often miss is the positive nature of this covenant relationship. Apart from the 10 commandments, and some lists of the most heinous moral outrages the goal of the covenant is wholeheartedly godly living – it is a positive aspiration. It is not “What should I not do?” but rather “What should I do?”.

Western culture tends to see perfection in terms of absence of blemish or flaw; the biblical picture is one of fullness of good. One concentrates on individual failures, the other looks to build good upon good.

The covenants is to faithfully obey the voice of the Lord – being careful to do all his commandments. This is a whole life relationship, living in, with and for God, looking to him in all things.

The entire thrust of the Old Testament is to show godward living as the ideal, the norm for the child of Israel. This is what living as the people of God is all about.

Our prayer morning by morning should be:

Lord, by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ I am yours. How can I live today as yours? By your Spirit help me so to live.