Month: <span>May 2013</span>

We went to Liverpool for the day on Saturday, the place was heaving with visitors for the Battle of the Atlantic commemorations, even the Albert Dock was jam packed! Having our son and (brand new) daughter-in-law up for the weekend we took a trip on the ferry. I find it very hard to get unique shots from the ferry, but as we were coming back in to Pier Head the flag on the bow of the boat was blowing straight, so I composed to include the flag and Liverpool’s most iconic building.

Flying the Flag for Liverpool


Sandra and I took a weekend trip to the Cotswolds to visit family. We ended up in a wonderful big house in the village of Poulton, Gloucestershire. There wasn’t a lot to look at by the house, but we as we left for home we were pointed in the direction of Fairford, a beautiful little town just a few miles down the road. We didn’t stop long, but we did enjoy the wonderful church and the river walks and views.

Churchyard Blossom

St. Mary's Church, Fairford

By the Riverside, Fairford

Family and Friends Photography