Month: <span>October 2007</span>



I thought it might be useful to list the subscribers to the book Poems from College and Country by the three Given brothers (Thomas, Patrick & Samuel Fee), published in 1900. I’ll start here with the Given family names:

William J. Givens, 2348 North Twentyfirst Street, Philadelphia.
James Givens, 2500 East Norris Street, Philadelphia.
Robert Givens, 2226 Boston Avenue, Philadelphia.
Anna M. Givens, 1728 North Front Street, Philadelphia.
Samuel Fee Givens, 835 East Thompson Street, Philadelphia.

The book has biographical sketches by Rev. George Raphael Buick of The Manse, Cullybackey.

There are many more local and stateside subscribers.

Family History

I’ve been doing a bit of looking into the Given Family history (my mother’s side) and discovered that Google is now including scanned books in its searches. Suddenly a whole wealth of information is available. For example, I have confirmed the story about William (Laird) Mark.


But the glimpses that Google Books gives are tantalising. I found the following references, but can’t view the whole page!


I may even have to resort to real libraries to get to the bottom of it…