Month: <span>October 2006</span>


I generally try to keep this blog personal, but as it’s rather a big move, I thought it would be good to mention a new venture – Hype Cr. I’ve been doing web sites for some time, now, but have increasingly been working with one partner to produce great looking web sites.

Now we’ve decided to work together in order to build better business web sites. We’ve moved into purpose built premises that will allow us to concentrate on this work.

Hype Cr Offices

Visit the new web site, and let me know what you think…


We didn’t go anywhere special. The furthest I managed to take my camera was the back garden to take some photos of Sandra’s cut lilies.

As usual I put the vase up high, added a polariser to darken the sky, and then snapped away.

This was the best of the bunch – not spectacular, but not bad either…

Photo of a lily


We spent a wonderful weekend in Cheshire (sans enfants). There weren’t too many photo opportunities, but I did spot this tree as we were driving along.