Keep Calm and Chill Out

Keep Calm and Chill Out

Well, one thing the south coast has going for it is that you can always see the sea. That may not seem unusual for a coast, but having lived in Southport for many years that’s not necessarily the case.

We’ve yet to properly explore the south coast, but for now I know that I can always head for the coast and get up close and personal with the sea. Just the right place to Keep Calm and, well, just Chill Out…

By Peter Holloway

My name is Peter Holloway and having lived in Southport, England for 20 years, followed by a couple of years back in Northern Ireland I'm now working as an IT Manager in West Sussex. I was born in Northern Ireland and raised in the suburbs of Belfast just off the Saintfield Road, attended Cairnshill Primary School and Annadale Grammar School. I studied for a London University BD at Belfast Bible College.