Month: June 2013

Or, at least, a very similar looking car does…

We took a trip to the Woodvale Rally, now being held in Victoria Park. It was a bit disappointing, being much smaller than the last time I visited, but there were one or two interesting vehicles. Unfortunately, despite all the empty space all the cars were packed close together, making photography difficult.

Anyway, here’s a photo of that iconic car:

Starsky & Hutch Visit Woodvale Rally

General Photography

Sandra and I managed to escape for a few days down south and west. This was my first ever trip to Cornwall and the forecast wasn’t good! On the day of arrival the sky was overcast and dull with the occasional brief flurry of rain. The next day brightened up wonderfully and we were able to enjoy coastal walks and photography for the next few days. On the last evening of our trip the clouds and sun finally conspired to work together to produce an acceptable sunset. So, I stood, camera on tripod, just above Fistral Beach shooting the sunset. There are plenty more photographs over at Flickr, but here’s a sample to get you going…

Coastal Cornwall

General Photography

I haven’t posted a Southport shot here in a while, so here goes! This one’s a minimal image with just marram, beach, sea and sky. I think this sort of shot is one of my all time favourites. I never tire of taking these photos, they are simple and easy to look at, the sort of images I’d like to hang on my wall.