Photography tips web site

I’ve just put together a brand new web site where I hope to share photography hints, tips and tricks for folks who are looking to improve their skills. It’s called Day Trip Photo and the site is aimed primarily at those who have no training at all, and will include some advice basic principles as well as more advanced techniques. The idea is that it will help the casual photographer who takes his/her camera out on day trips with the family. Let me know what you think in the comments…

General Photography

Utterly Buttermere

Sandra and I have now passed a ‘significant milestone’, and it wasn’t on the way around Buttermere lake. Yesterday we celebrated our Silver Wedding Anniversary! As, all those years ago, we had honeymooned in the Lake District, we decided to take a few days back in the Lakes for our Silver Wedding Anniversary weekend. Although it was cold, and there was snow on the mountain peaks, the sun shone and we were able to enjoy the breathtaking scenery that the Lake District always presents.

As we circumnavigated Buttermere the water was still and smooth and the light was cold and wintry. This image was taken looking towards the south end of the lake, with the row of trees and background mountains reflected in the water.