Month: March 2013

At Stuart & Katie’s wedding I was asked to give the address. This is normally something to point the young couple down the right path at the outset of their marriage. I have to confess to getting completely tongue tied with the emotion of the whole event, but I muddled through and encouraged them both to consider Ephesians 5, and especially verse 32 that tells us that our marriage is really a picture and demonstration of the love of Christ for the Church – this is indeed profound and something that we all need to make a part of our married lives. This photo will certainly help me to remember!


We had the privilege of travelling down to Hastings last weekend to attend the wedding of our son Stuart and his new bride, Katie. We are so very, very proud of both of them. The whole day was wonderful in every way. We wish them a long, blessed and happy marriage – God bless you both!


One of the most powerful ways to give a flavour of a particular location is to use multiple images from similar points of view, perhaps an enlarged detail section or just different zoom levels. The simplest way to present these is as a diptych – two images side by side. This can present a dramatic contrast between two images or can provide a harmony of two similar perspectives.

In this diptych taken at the Another Place installation on Crosby Beach I’ve used the horizon line as a harmonising element between the two images. The colours are similar, but the perspective is different. For more images please check my Flickr stream or Dune Prints.


This is an old image, it’s been around since 2007, but it’s still got a look about it that I like. I took it with an Olympus E-400 stuck through the gates of the locked pier as the sun set. I put a graduated tobacco filter on the lens, and the image seems to have struck a chord with many people, because they all seem to think that it’s fine to just copy the image for their own commercial use!

I’m not a full time commercial photographer, but I do license images for commerical use and I did license this image some years ago to one organisation. That original license has long since expired, but the use of my image hasn’t. It’s incredibly hard to make money from landscape imagery; it’s even harder when images are taken and used without permission or payment.

I do understand that occasionally someone will see an image and like it enough to link to it, but to copy it, upload it to their own servers and then use those images for commercial purposes is wrong both morally and legally. I know this happens a lot, but that doesn’t make it right.

Anyway, the purpose of posting my image here is to reassert my copyright. This image of Southport Pier at sunset belongs to me, Peter Holloway, if you do like it please have the courtesy to contact me about useage, don’t just steal it…

If you like the images I take and wish to use them on your web site or in print, please do take a look at and a more extensive portfolio on Flickr.

Here’s another shot that belongs to me but has been used extensively without license…

General Photography

We took a trip to Crosby beach for Valentine’s Day this year – I know how to treat a woman! Sandra got to sit in the car while I took some photos as the sun set. The tide was out, but the sunset was worth waiting for.

As Crosby Beach is the location of Anthony Gormley’s ‘Another Place’ installation I thought this picture should be titled ‘Another Sunset’.