Month: June 2012

I’ve decided it was time for another simple makeover – that is, I’ve changed the colours and images, but not the structure. The one major decision I’ve taken is to retire the separate photos pages on this site in favour of – since I always post to Flickr first and the photos on this site were getting really old I think this is a good move to keep the content up to date.

Here’s one of my recent shots that I’ve uploaded to Flickr.

Reflected Sky


One of the aspects of coastal views that I love is the particular mix of colours that you see. There’s the deep gray blues of overcast skies, there’s the pale sand, darkened in places by the residual dampness, and there’s the green of the marram grass framing the scene. All of these colour produce an exceedingly pleasant palette of tones, restful and easy on the eye.

A Pleasant Palette