The One Day I get to the Beach at Sunset

And there isn’t one, if you know what I mean? The sun did actually go down, but I, for one didn’t actually see it go down, even though I was watching and waiting for it. The fact of a real, actual sunset event was evidenced by the progressing darkness, but not by any fantastic display of warm, sun enhanced light spreading through the clouds as invariably occurs when I’m sitting at home on the sofa watching out the patio doors.

Ah well, maybe next time, but until then, here’s a split tone shot from the beach as the sun set (honest).

Southport Pier


My name is Peter Holloway and having lived in Southport, England for 20 years, followed by a couple of years back in Northern Ireland I'm now working as an IT Manager in West Sussex. I was born in Northern Ireland and raised in the suburbs of Belfast just off the Saintfield Road, attended Cairnshill Primary School and Annadale Grammar School. I studied for a London University BD at Belfast Bible College.