Snowy, snowy night

Late on the evening of the 23rd snow started to fall thick and fast in Southport. This was so unusual for the town that all three of my big kids were out making snowmen after 11:00pm. While they were playing I threw the camera gear in the car and headed for town. I managed to get a few decent photographs of Lord Street before heading for the pier. I knew that if I waited until morning I’d miss the pristine snow, so I braved the blizzard and set up for a few shots. The flurry of snow and the orange glow from the lights made getting the colour right a bit of a challenge. I like this monochrome version as it emphasizes the structure of the pier and the contrast of snow and night.

Southport Pier, Snowy

Amateur Photographer of the Year 2009

The results are finally out for the final round in the Amateur Photographer of the Year 2009 competition! I started this competition in the third round when I realised that it was possible to email submissions. I managed to miss out on one round due to my own ineptitude in forgetting to name the image file correctly. Despite this I’ve managed to get five of the seven entries published and the other two awarded points bringing my entry to an overall 6th place for my first attempt at this competition!

Congratulations to all those who were placed – there have been some super photographs entered.

I have to say that I’m equally surprised and pleased to have managed this at my first try. Here’s my entry for Round 10.

APOY 2009 Round 10

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