Month: December 2008

Stuart and I took a trip out to Ainsdale last Saturday afternoon. It was cold but dry. We were both taking our new Manfrotto tripods for a spin. When we got as far as the Natterjack pond we stopped. The pond was completely frozen and the sun was low. I tried a few bracketed exposures for merging later. I think this is my favourite of the bunch.

General Photography

Here’s another shot from my obligatory stop en route to Formby. This week was so bleak that the beach looked miserable. The sun was low and just beginning to paint the sky a weak shade of red. Everywhere was dull. I used Photomatix to bring out the contrast and unsharp mask with a large radius to bring out some detail in the fine grass and bare tree.


The previous theme for was a free WordPress theme with the graphic at the top swapped out for one of my own. Now I’ve finally taken a few moments to give the site a little makeover. This one is all my own work apart from taking the default Kubrick Basic theme as my starting point.


I’ve been trying to make a point of leaving home 10 minutes earlier when I travel along the coast road on business. I can then grab a shot or two if the light is right. Yesterday was quite overcast and very cold and windy but I managed to get this shot before I headed back to the warmth of the car and a warmer cup of coffee with my client a few miles up the road. I’ve used Photomatix to bring out the detail.