Month: February 2007

…but not anymore.

I was rummaging around for a fresh desktop wallpaper when I noticed this picture. It’s from last year, but I quite like it, and because it was previously unnoticed it still looks fresh to me.



I have been looking at this web site for some time, thinking it could do with a makeover. I knew I wanted something different, but couldn’t find the right way to include any of my new photographs in the actual design. The colours just seemed wrong. Anyway, I was inspired by the thinking behind the new Happy Cog web site, in particular the navigation sentence, and this has proven to be the push I needed.


I’ve now moved my weblog from sophos1 to here. I’ll leave that site up for a while, but will eventually point the URL at this site. This weird concoction now boasts a smattering of ASP and a dose of PHP as well as the modified WordPress template behind it all.

At first try it all looks to be working fine …

Web Design

It’s been lousy weather for taking any sort of photos, but I happened to have my camera with me on my way to Burscough, yesterday. As I crossed the Leeds Liverpool Canal I could see the mist on the water. The tones are quite muted, but it’s a reasonable image.

Burscough Canal