Seascale Sunset

Seascale Sunset

View from Seascale on the coast of the Lake District, looking out to sea at sunset.


Thomas Given of Cullybackey

Last published 106 years ago I thought it was about time one of Thomas Given’s Ulster-Scots poems saw light of day on the internet. I’ve deliberately chosen a short one.

To Miss Todd

Ken ye oucht o’ modest mien,

Mansion rare whar beauty lingers,
Dimples loupin’ in between,
Sowing smiles wae sunny fingers;
What though native tae the soe,
Rarely here we scan their musters,
Except within thy smile, Miss Todd,

Roon which they thrive an’ grow in clusters.

This poem was

“Written extempore on receiving kindness at the Ballymena Observer Office from the above-mentioned young lady.”

Thomas Given