Month: August 2006

After a somewhat dull day trip in Co. Down I decided to play with the rather flat images in Photoshop Elements. I selectively applied levels to each area of the images to boost the colour and contrast. I quite like the results. Certainly they are better than the originals.

Annalong Coast

A few more images from this trip here


Did anyone else see The Return of the Goodies last night on BBC2? It was interesting to hear others wonder why there have never been any repeats – this was, and still is classic comedy! I never understood why it wasn’t repeated.

It really is laugh out loud funny, complete with a giant Dougal, Ecky Thump, Bun fight at the OK tea rooms and naughty Hector! This is British silliness at its best! How could this have been left untouched for so long?

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There are a lot of things to get your head round with digital imaging. Photoshop, or it’s equivalent really is necessary in order to bring out the best of a photo. I’m not talking about making it into something it’s not, but just to get the best of what the camera sensor has captured. In this sense it is a digital darkroom, allowing us to test and try until we achieve the optimum settings for a given image.

There are a set of skills required to do this, just as there are skills required to take the picture in the first place. As with most things, these skills are gradually acquired as part of an ongoing learning process.

This photo is another one that I have taken of Southport Pier at sunset. I’d passed over it previously as it seemed a little flat. But as my understanding of the underlying image and the tools available to bring out the best improves, so I find that the images I produce are improving.

Southport Pier at Sunset

There is a larger version of the image here.