Month: July 2006

OK, so it’s another flower picture, but it was just sitting in a vase, asking to be photographed.


The sun was in and out of the clouds, making exposure difficult, but, having stopped down a couple of stops because of the bright sky it turned out OK.


No, not the cult TV show starring David Carradine, but the real McCoy. I found this sitting on our patio doors, and rather than crush it in one fell blow as I opened the doors, I decided to remove it. It quite happily sat on my hand while I walked it into the sunlight and took several photographs.

This is my favourite.



Another Flower

I know it’s another flower, but, as I’m doing the whole close up photography thing I thought I’d put it up here, just to add some colour. This is a house plant that got the take it outside and photograph from below treatment. Unfortunately, due to the wind I couldn’t get as large a depth of field as I would have liked. At any rate my Olympus C-8080 WZ only goes to F8, so the shallow depth of field is inevitable with macro shots on this camera.




Having read a photography magazine about photographing flowers I went into the garden and found this iris. I stuck it in a vase and photographed it from underneath outside in daylight.

I do like the contrast between the white of the flower and the blue sky, and also the simplicity of the sky. Usually when taking flower photos the surrounding leaves/branches etc. distract. The sky makes a nice clean backdrop.