Month: April 2006

We went to Ravenglass last week for a bit of a break. Ravenglass is on the coast, west of the Lake District in the UK. It has a wonderful narrow gauge railway and is half a mile from Muncaster Castle.

The sun shone for most of the week and Stuart & I between us took over 1400 digital photos. We also both took our 35mm SLRs. Stuart had his OM2 with both colour and b/w films. I took my veteran OM10 and shot a couple of rolls. We’re still waiting for those, but some of my digital snaps are now online at

The trip was a fine break, and just goes to show how nice the UK is when you get good weather.


The last three years have been, to say the least, busy. Working full time as an IT Consultant as well as preaching every Sunday in church has finally proven to be too much. Something had to go.

And it has. As of last weekend I am no longer working as part time pastor. I’ve also cancelled all forthcoming preaching engagements. It will take some time for me to fully recharge my batteries, but I’m sure this process will begin soon.

Lessons learned? The job of Pastor is a full time one. It requires much more than a few hours on a Sunday. Both Pastor and flock deserve time: time to meditate on God’s Word, pray, plan and visit are all required by a Pastor; time to listen and visit are needed of the Pastor by the flock.

We need to value our spiritual leaders and do all we can to nurture them, because in so doing we nurture ourselves.