Boiler woes

Glow Worm Protherm 80E

We took out a complete insurance on our combi central heating boiler from new as it is the only means of heating in our home. Our experience of this insurance has left us totally cold, in more ways than one!

We have a 24hr 365 days a year hotline. We can report a fault any time, day or night. Unfortunately the repairs only take place Monday to Friday 8-6! So having reported a fault Friday week ago and had an engineer eventually appear 6 days later on the Thursday, by this morning (Saturday) it was broken again.

No problem, just report the fault immediately, and then wait in the cold with no heat or hot water until the working week starts!

This is a good old fashioned British quality product if you believe the product literature. If this is good old fashioned British quality, then I’d rather buy elsewhere from now on.

So, buyer beware, once the equipment fails, the service is just as unreliable as the boiler…

Boiler woes