Streaming sermons – whatever next?

At long last I’ve got the equipment to record sermons from Hope Church to disk, and from there to CD and mp3. The mp3 file is then going on the web site. The link on the site is to a playlist file, that should fire up your preferred mp3 player and start streaming the file to the player. At around 5Mb for 29 minutes of mono it’s not too bad. Certainly sounds fine with a broadband connection.

Javascript thingummy

I’m still very much a Javascript newbie, but have been playing with it for one or two projects. I wanted to add a bit of colour/interaction to the Datawise Computing home page and came up with the site preview Javascript thingummy.

Basically the image at the head of the list of sites is a tall image with each site stacked one on top of the other. When the mouse moves over a site name in the list the image is scrolled to show the appropriate slide from the stack.

I know it’s quite simple, but a pleasing advance for a beginner.

It is an ex UPS…

The computer room had a rather worrying niff in the air this morning. You know the smell, too hot plastic that points to something not quite right. We tracked it down to a rather large, aging Fiskars UPS. One of the fans had been rattling for some time, but then stopped rattling. Unfortunately it stopped rattling because it ceased to rotate, hence the gradual rise in heat despite the air conditioning.

Fortunately the only bits connected to this UPS were the comms cabinets, so downtime was minimal, involving only a restart of the comms devices.

As for the UPS, it’s been in service with the company longer than I have: at least eight years. I don’t know whether to be pleased or disappointed with it! Eight years just sitting doing its job well seems fine by me. I trust the other UPSs will follow in its footsteps and not give me anything to worry about for quite a few years yet to come.

MP3 Players – Software ones, that is…

Prompted by a request for help with Windows Media Player (it wouldn’t play internet radio) that ended up being a licensing tick box somewhere in the bowels of Media Player I was hunting round for viable alternatives. By viable I mean not ‘free in lieu of professionally put together’ or ‘free but we’ll take it out of you in installing needless message center software that insists on running whether you want it to, or not’.

My hunt ended with WinAmp. The basic player lacks in the visual department, but the basic with bundled media library is excellent.

So, for now, goodbye Windows Media Player. I had so far resisted downloading Real Player, so am free of persistent message center pop ups. We’ll see if it does just what I want – playing my mp3 files that I’ve stored on my laptop.

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