A foray

Having run Xandros on a spare laptop for a while, and been reasonably happy with it, but not bowled over I’ve been scouting around for something to run that I can use for a foray into the realms of PHP/MySQL for web sites. As all I’ve done to date has been of the ASP/SQL Server variety this will require something Linux to run aforementioned PHP/MySQL on. I know they are available for Windows, and have already played with MySQL briefly under XP, but want to do it how it’s done on a web server. There’s no point in using PHP/MySQL on a Windows server.

Of course Xandros is really designed as a desktop OS, not a server. So, I’ve gone for Fedora, which I know is aimed at desktop use, but is a lot more flexible in terms of configuration, and there should be a lot more support than the very small ranks of the Xandros community.

First happy surprises: Firefox included, Evolution for mail, automatic checking for updates (downloading as we speak). First unhappy surprises: still running 1024 x 768 laptop display at 800 x 600 despite telling Fedora the correct display. Will have to wait for the udpates to finish downloading in order to log off/on an see if this can be cured.

Once all is up and running then the PHP/MySQL adventure can begin…

A foray

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