My purpose shall stand

“.. and I will fulfill my intention.” So says the Lord God Almighty in Isaiah 46:10.

God’s Word through Isaiah is clear: only the I AM created the heavens & the earth, only He is the living God, only He acts for His Name’s sake & for the benefit of His people.

His plans stretch back beyond the beginning of the entire created universe and they stretch forward beyond the discarding of this same universe like an old garment and into the Kingdom to come.

So, when He promises that His purpose will stand I can believe 100% that He His purpose for me will stand and that He will fulfill His intentions for me because He is God and there is no other, and His glory He will not give to another. God is glorified as He brings to pass what He has planned and as we see His will done in our lives.

So, trust Him. He has plans for you and His plans will stand and His intention will be fulfilled in your life!

My purpose shall stand