Power to Contribute

I’ve been stumbling again. The number of weblogs is definitely on the increase. The number of self serving weblogs is on the increase. Is that the pot calling the kettle black? Perhaps: there must be an element of self promotion in order to get your blog noticed in the first place.

But what about the content? It’s fine to diary the minutae of your own life if there is an audience of personal friends that 1. Aren’t involved in the minutae of your daily life, and 2. Are willing to read about such minutae rather than email/text/phone and enter into dialogue.

That’s the rub: blogging is monologue, even with the possibility of commenting it is not two way communication, it’s publishing.

If we’re committed to publishing, then surely we should be committed to contributing something positive to the online community. There is so much junk and there are so few gems. Let’s make the web sparkle a little more by taking care to add to it only that which will help others, not mere drivel.


My name is Peter Holloway and having lived in Southport, England for 20 years, followed by a couple of years back in Northern Ireland I'm now working as an IT Manager in West Sussex. I was born in Northern Ireland and raised in the suburbs of Belfast just off the Saintfield Road, attended Cairnshill Primary School and Annadale Grammar School. I studied for a London University BD at Belfast Bible College.