Muesli Religion

Ever thought of categorising churches by comparing them to breakfast cereals? What would your church be like?

It seems that churches tend to one of two types of breakfast: either they are the overly sweet, all taste and no substance of the sugar coated variety, or they are the very good for you whilst tasting awful of the muesli variety.

We either ignore God’s word and go for experience over truth or else present the truth in such a dull insipid manner that it is hard to get excited over it. I know that truth is objective and stands on its own, but if the people delivering that truth can’t get excited, how can they expect it to affect the hearers?

Has anyone ever produced a genuinely healthy and tasty breakfast cereal? I don’t know! Has anyone ever produced a healthy tasty church that presents God’s truth with the joy and excitement that it deserves? Very few!

How does your church taste?

Muesli Religion