Linux rant

Time for a rant about Linux. I’m not the slowest in the IT world, and I’ve installed every operating system I have come across from the various versions of DOS (MS and others), I’ve installed OS/2, I’ve installed every version of Windows and many versions of Linux.

The thought of buying a proper Linux distro really appealed – something solid that I could use to test all those bits I currently run on Windows, or at least those that have an equivalent in Linux.

Experience to date is not a happy one. The installation overdrove my monitor on installation. The VESA mode left me with a maximum of 800 x 600 resolution. Putting another video card in the machine resulted in a freeze on install every time.
This of course still leaves me with a complex set of instructions to complete in order to have Ximian Evolution work with my Palm.

I know there are bits that don’t work in Windows, but this episode takes me right back to the bad old days when every operating system install was fraught with potential pitfalls.

Come on Xandros & co. there’s still progress to be made before the move to Linux is as painless as it should be.

Linux rant