Random bits

From the spiritual to the more prosaic: Sunday we met as a church in a building (as opposed to a house) for the first time yesterday. It really is an exciting step to take! It’s great to see people all working together to bring it about. Of course, it is a first, not a final step. There is much more to do, and much more that we expect, God willing.

The winds got the better of one of our fence panels over the weekend too. I thought I was well prepared, having a spare one to replace it. Unfortunately the newer one was slightly large than the older one. After much pushing, pulling and general forcing of the panel it eventually slid down into the too small gap – along with my little finger! :-0

So typing is now rather more timid than usual, particularly on the p, ;, ? etc.

On another note, I’ve given www.peterholloway.org a makeover. It was reasonably clean in terms of using CSS rather than tables for layout, but I wanted to go for the classic two-column with a header style, which I have now done. I got the basic template from SSI-Developer.net. And used www.webwhirlers.com to help find some new colors.


My name is Peter Holloway and having lived in Southport, England for 20 years, followed by a couple of years back in Northern Ireland I'm now working as an IT Manager in West Sussex. I was born in Northern Ireland and raised in the suburbs of Belfast just off the Saintfield Road, attended Cairnshill Primary School and Annadale Grammar School. I studied for a London University BD at Belfast Bible College.