Catch up time

Well, what’s been going on chez moi during the last couple of weeks? Lots and lots, but perhaps not that much that I can remember.

Do you remember when you used to have time to do things? I can vaguely recall a period in my life when I actually felt comfortable with the time I had to do things in. Now … even taking a few minutes to reflect on the day seems an effort.

One sign that you are ‘time poor’: you put every little job into your PDA as a calendar appointment as it is the only way the job will get done.

Of course time is our greatest asset in this world (not a problem in the world to come). Do we make the most of it? I think some revision is due; for example looking to remove non value added time takers, such as watching whatever happens to be on TV at the moment just because I’m tired and want to relax. TV doesn’t relax!

Time space to reflect is a must. The concept of journaling is a familiar one in Christian circles, and rightly so, one that concentrates on reflection on God’s Word. But we must add to that reflection on our life, day, deeds, thoughts if we are to make progress in our lives. So, perhaps the obligation to write, either online or on paper is a good obligation to have.

More blogging must mean more time to reflect…

Catch up time